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View various resources related to electricity and the power grid.

ATtiny85 Light Show

Explore programming and circuits by using a micro controller to make a creative light show! A micro controller can take simple instructions and execute them repeatedly. You can program multiple LEDs to create a fun light show using your knowledge of computer science and other simple tools.

Circuit Puzzles

Solve the circuit puzzles. Predict which LEDs will light.  Build the circuits.  Then make changes to light all the LEDs.

Copper Tape Tricks

Learn some tips and tricks for using conductive copper tape in electronics projects, including how to turn corners, fold switches, and connect LEDs.


Use LEDs and a Gemma to create a bag that lights up and blinks!

LED Bracelet

Sew a light-up bracelet out of felt and conductive thread.

Making an Interactive Board Game with Makey Makey and Scratch

Using Makey Makey and Scratch, the CREDC Education team at MSTE Office at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign created a board game about pipeline delivery of oil.

Modeling an Electricity Delivery System

Use a coin battery as a power source and design a circuit that powers LEDs in a community of three or four houses.

Neighborhood Models

Use a variety of power sources, LEDs, and copper tape to light up a model neighborhood.

Open and Closed Circuits

Use a prototyping breadboard with a coin battery to explore the difference between an open and closed circuit.

Power Park

Power Park invites aspiring power engineers and urban planners to design a park neighborhood and then to light it up! 

Smart Circuits: Lights On!

For the 2018 CREDC Industry Workshop we prepared an Education and Outreach Kit to demonstrate the use of micro controllers to read input data from sensors and respond to that data by controlling a circuit consisting of LEDs and a piezo buzzer. We also wanted to demonstrate how circuits can be made more resilient by leveraging redundant power sources.

Smart Switches

Investigate circuits using copper tape, batteries and LEDs

Solar Path Light Hack

Hack into a solar path light to power your own neighborhood project.