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Get Started

CREDC World of Power must be played on a traditional Minecraft Java Edition Mac/PC server. A Microsoft account is required to play Minecraft Java Edition. CREDC World of Power will use third-party mods.

Note: any version of Minecraft that does not support third-party mods is not compatible with CREDC World of Power (such as the Xbox 360/Xbox One editions, any Playstation edition, Minecraft Pocket Edition, Minecraft Windows 10 Edition, or Minecraft Education Edition).

To download and begin, follow these instructions.

Step 1

Purchase a copy of Minecraft Java Edition. If you are an educator, each student in your class will need to purchase their own copy of Mincraft Java Edition and will need their own Microsoft account to log in and play.

Visit the official Minecraft website for more information.

Step 2

Follow the link for your operating system below to download and install the files and mods for CREDC World of Power. If you are an educator, each device with Minecraft Java Edition will need these files and mods to play.

Step 3

Begin playing!

To learn more about each area you’ll encounter in the CREDC World of Power, visit our Explore page.

For a full lesson plan for the CREDC World of Power, visit the Lessons page.