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Overview of the beginner's tutorial.    Beginner's Tutorial
    You spawn in the Beginner's Tutorial and learn everything you need to know to make your way through the World of Power.

Entrance to the circuit lab showing long hallway to NPC    Circuit Lab
    Learn to identify, build, and use logic gates to build a smarter and interactive world.

Overview of the coal plant with the smoke stacks in the background   Coal Plant
   Learn the use of fossil fuel peaker plants by fueling and operating the coal plant.

Overview of the outer nuclear plant building with the reactor chamber showing through the front door.   Nuclear Plant
   Learn how to create nuclear fuel and operate the nuclear reactor.

Overview of the passive house that utilizes passive solar.   Passive House
   Learn how smart design and construction can make an extremely efficient and sustainable home.

Front overview of the password coding building.   Password Coding
   Protect your home by learning how to build a door that opens with a set password.

Several rows of solar cells   Solar Farm
   The solar fields are a great way to learn how we generate electricity from the sun. Learn how solar energy is becoming a great way of adding power to the grid. Build solar generators to collect solar power for your home. 

Overview of several student building area plots.   Student Building
   In the student building area you can use all you new knowledge of renewable energy and smart energy house design to build a house powered both from the power grid and renewable sources. In the multiplayer server world you can build with others to build a village.

Inside the substation showing switches that control the local grid.   Substation
   All the power generated by the grid in the world flows through the utility station. Experiment with the main power swithces at night and see the effect the supply and demand of power effect the lights of the world.

Overview of the three wind turbines.   Wind Farm
   Learn how wind farms are growing around the world as a great source of renewable energy. Explore how height and wind speeds effect the power generated by each turbine. Build your own wind turbine in the construction shed to add to your house.