CREDC Education connects researchers and educators with students and families to create interest in STEM careers. Our interactive lessons and activities help educators and students explore secure and economical power delivery.


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CREDC Education in the News

  • A piece of the nuclear power plant in TCIPG Energy World

    Video game 'Minecraft' finds a home in schools

    John Keilman of the Chicago Tribune wrote an article detailing the different ways the video game Minecraft can be used in education. TCIPG Education's own Minecraft project, TCIPG World of Energy, is mentioned.

  • A screenshot from the Tesla Town app.

    Tesla Town teaches students about electricity system

    The Information Trust institute published an article about TCIPG Education's free app, Tesla Town. Tesla Town takes students on an interactive journey through the different ways electricity is generated for the power grid. Tesla Town is a free application available for download for IOS or Android.

  • A miniature, wooden ferris wheel from the power park set.

    Power Park toy encourages curiosity for the sciences in children

    Katie Carr from the Coordinated Science Lab writes about TCIPG Education's Power Park project, which teaches children about the basics of the power grid through building an interactive, fully powered neighborhood.

Interactive Apps

Icon for Power and Energy in the Home

Power and Energy in the Home

Explore how a wide range of appliances use energy.

Icon for Electricity and Time of Use Pricing

Electricity and Time of Use Pricing

Examine the effects of time-sensitive pricing plans on energy cost.

Icon for the Power Grid

The Power Grid

Manage a small power system that simulates the power demands of different communities and the generation potential of different power plants.

Icon for Power Economics and Emissions

Power Economics and Emissions

Explore the costs of providing power while weighing the emissions of your different plants.

Icon for Wind and Storage

Wind and Storage

Explore issues related to providing wind power to a neighborhood and the effects of energy storage.

Icon for Tesla Town

Tesla Town

Take a trip to Tesla Town!