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Power Park

This series of Power Park books and kits provides opportunities for students, parents, and teachers to explore electrical circuits, power systems, sensors, coding, and microcontrollers, in a fun and engaging way. Explore a Power Park: Paper Circuits is an interactive notebook for investigating circuits and alternative power sources using hands-on paper activities. Design a Power Park: Smart Circuits introduces coding, microcontrollers, and sensors to introduce readers to cyber security concepts. Build a Power Park: Lights On in the Neighborhood introduces temperature, acceleration, sound, and alternative energy sources to circuitry projects using a three-dimensional neighborhood model that mimics the power grid, with optional materials for expanding or creating your own neighborhood model circuit. Each book encourages readers to see how engineering is integrated in their everyday world with activities that stimulate creativity. The Power Park series aims to help readers gain confidence to use their new knowledge and engineering skills to solve real-world problems.

Power Park: Paper Circuits - Electronics Kit

Power Park: Smart Circuits - Electronics Kit

Power Park: Lights On in the Neighborhood - Coming Soon!