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Power Park

A battery-powered Ferris wheel and a musical gazebo are at the center of this charming village that includes houses, apartment buildings, a school, shops, and a diner. 

A wooden base with exposed conductive copper tape circuitry has slots for eight buildings and four lamp posts, allowing children thousands of configurations as they design and electrify their own play experience. The mini version of this kit, perfect for classrooms, has a base for six buildings and is the same dimensions as a piece of paper.

Young engineers can start exploring Power Park using buildings that come wired with LEDs and then progress to creating their own buildings and circuits. Each kit contains the supplies necessary for tomorrow’s innovators to flex their creativity. 

Young electrical engineers will enjoy changing the town’s circuitry, the potential power engineer will look for ways to change the town’s power demand and supply, and budding architects and designers will love incorporating their other toys into Power Park. Conductive tape and LEDs can be added to the child’s building block creations and these can be included in the neighborhood design. Creativity and innovation thrive in Power Park

The resources here can be used to build your own Power Park. Provided are the files needed to cut a set of houses on a mini base, in both SVG and PDF format. Pictured is a power park cut into plywood and two acrylic houses (orange, bottom left).