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For Teachers

If you want to use CREDC World of Power in your classroom, there are a few different options available.


MinecraftEdu is a special version of the Minecraft game designed specifically for classroom use. CREDC Education is in no way affiliated with MinecraftEdu or Teacher Gaming, but World of Power was built using MinecraftEdu's server tools. This makes MinecraftEdu the most convenient tool to use to get World of Power running in your classroom. You can find more information about MinecraftEdu, including instructions on licensing for schools, at MinecraftEdu's website.

Once your school has MinecraftEdu set up on your classroom computers, you can download World of Power from the world library. Be sure to also install the required mods listed on its profile page! (For more info, see our mod installation tutorial.) World of Power can be launched directly from MinecraftEdu's server launcher (see downloading and launching worlds), then played on your classroom computers.


World of Power can also be played on a traditional Minecraft Mac/PC server, though some MinecraftEdu blocks may be missing from the world. Generally, using Minecraft in the classroom will require purchasing a copy of the game for each student in your class. Please note that any version of Minecraft that does not support third-party mods (such as the Xbox 360/Xbox One editions, any Playstation edition, Minecraft Pocket Edition, or Minecraft Windows 10 Edition) is not compatible with World of Power.